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Verbs (Verbos)

Lista de 10 exercícios de Inglês com gabarito sobre o tema Verbs (Verbos) com questões de Vestibulares.

01. (UnirG) Leia texto a seguir. A questão é baseada nele.

Futuristic Robot Ball May Be the Next Big Toy for Kids With Developmental Disabilities By Elisabeth Brentano Staff Autism Spectrum Disorder

Meet Leka, a motion-sensitive ball designed specifically for kids with developmental disabilities. Leka lights up, vibrates, moves and makes noises to stimulate senses, all of which are designed to help with social, motor and intellectual skills, according to the company’s website.

The company notes that Leka “doesn’t replace therapy;” rather, it’s a tool for parents and caregivers “to teach through play and make therapy easier, more efficient and constant by bringing therapy home.”

The toy is not yet on the market, but a prototype made its debut at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Leka co-founder/CEO Ladislas de Toldi chatted with BBC’s Leo Kelion about how he hopes the toy will help children with Down syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities. When asked why this was better than any other toy, de Toldi replied:

Robots are very fun, very cute and they really get the children interested. Children with disabilities are still children — they want to play, they want to have fun and the robot allows that. If you use the robot as a learning support, for learning activities and playing activities, children get more engaged in those activities.

Primary research for the toy was done in Paris, and product development was based on studies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Disponível em: http://themighty.com/2016/01/futuristic-robot-ball-may-be-the-next-bigtoy-for-kids-with-developmental-disabilities/ Acesso em: 19 mai 2016. [Adaptado].

No excerto “Primary research for the toy was done in Paris […]”, a construção gramatical em negrito foi usada

  1. para evitar a menção de informações sobre o local onde a pesquisa foi feita.
  2. porque não há como saber quem realizou a pesquisa.
  3. para enfatizar que a pesquisa foi feita e não para destacar quem a fez.
  4. para evidenciar o sujeito que realizou a pesquisa.

02. (UPE)

What are the missing words in the cartoon? Consider context, grammar and the respective order to complete the blanks.

  1. house / anything / Package
  2. vacation / somewhere / Pack
  3. Internal budget / nowhere / Make
  4. economy / somewhere / Leaved
  5. lessons / anywhere / Opening

03. (EN) Which is the correct alternative to complete the dialogue?

Susan: What did George ask you yesterday?

Sandy: He asked me.

  1. do I need a ride home
  2. did I need a ride home
  3. If I needed a ride home
  4. I needed a ride home
  5. would I need a ride home

04. (UnirG) Read the following quote and choose the alternative with the correct forms of the verbs to complete the gaps.

“Creativity involves ________ out of established patterns in order ________ at things in a different way.”

(Edward de Bono, English psychologist, 1935 - ) (Available on: http://www.um.edu.mt/create/courses/masterdegreeprogramme. Accessed on: 6 Oct. 2017.)

  1. to break, to look.
  2. breaking, to looking.
  3. breaking, to look.
  4. to break, to looking.

05. (EN) Which is the correct way to complete the paragraph below?

How to Become a Pro Gamer

Easy to understand, that is. for a living isn't all fun and games. It takes time, skill and determination in today's competitive circuits. If you're up for the challenge, here's what you need to do.

(Adapted from http://ig.intel,com/want-pro-gamer/?sr source=lift gravity&v=3)

  1. To play/to win
  2. Playing/winning
  3. Play/winning
  4. Playing/to win
  5. To play/winning


California awaits “The Big One”

Back in the 1980s, scientists completed a ten-year survey on the earthquake risk in California; and they came up with an alarming prediction. The next "Big One", that massive earthquake that Californians know is coming, could well strike by or shortly after the year 2018. And Californians know that this prediction could be right. California often experiences earthquakes, and a "big one" is sure to hit the state again sometime soon. Larry Wood, who lives virtually on top of the "Hayward fault", knows what it is like to be in an earthquake.

California is known for its size, its sun, and its surf, its glamour and its optimism. But it is known too as "Earthquake Country" — a truly vulnerable region where big devastating quakes have occurred in the past and could happen again. It is unlikely that a disaster on the scale of recent disasters in Italy or Japan could occur in California; California has learnt from its past disasters, and most buildings are designed to withstand major quakes. Nevertheless, Californians are worried. When will the next big quake strike the state, and where will all the shaking and crumbling and rocking begin?

Nobody knows for sure, but at all times California is on the alert. The earth has been monitored with high-tech seismographs situated in universities and government research stations; they are constantly watched by highly-trained employees and volunteers from the California Office of Emergency Services; and students are given training in what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Working at Menlo Park, near Stanford University, in the middle of "Earthquake Country", scientists from the United States Geological Survey are always monitoring and studying fault systems, and trying to predict where earthquakes are going to take place next. […]

Disponível em: . Acesso em: 23 nov. 2016 (adaptado).

Assinale a alternativa que apresenta somente verbos na voz passiva.

  1. California is known for its size / The earth has been monitored / Californians are worried.
  2. California is on the alert / California has learnt from its past disasters / students are given training.
  3. California is known for its size / The earth has been monitored / students are given training.
  4. California is on the alert / California has learnt from its past disasters / they are constantly watched.
  5. California is known for its size / California has learnt from its past disasters / Californians are worried.

07. (EN) Which option contains a correct sentence?

  1. Medical students are taught that if they were empathetic and used the right body language, patients will see them as compassionate.
  2. Medical students are taught that if they are empathetic and use the right body language, patients will see them as compassionate.
  3. Medical students are taught that if they are empathetic and use the right body language, patients would see them as compassionate.
  4. Medical students are taught that if they are empathetic and use the right body language, patients saw them as compassionate.
  5. Medical students are taught that if they were empathetic and used the right body language, patients saw them as compassionate.

08. (EEAR) Read the text below and answer question.

[1] Did you remember it’s April Fools Day today? My sister loves playing jokes. At breakfast, she said, “Robert and I ____ going to elope! We’re going to Robben Island. It’s the place where Nelson Mandela was in prison. My guidebook

[5] say it is a “place forever connected with the fight for freedom”. So, if you receive a phone call today about winning the lottery or something, don’t get excited. It’s probably an April Fools joke. (taken from Stories worth reading)


to elope: fugir de casa secretamente para se casar.

The verb “get” (line 07), in the text, can be replaced by

  1. become
  2. stay
  3. have
  4. need

09. (UnirG) Leia a tira a seguir e responda à questão.

Disponível em: http://teachinandlearnin.blogspot.com.br/. Acesso em: 09/05/2015.

A forma negativa da frase “But you love rabbits” é

  1. but you not love rabbits.
  2. but you don’t love rabbits.
  3. but you doesn’t love rabbits.
  4. but you didn’t love rabbits.

10. (UNINOVE) Leia o texto para responder à questão.

Traditional medicine has been gradually forced underground in many societies due to pressure from missionaries and governments who perceived such practices as witchcraft. Contrary to those beliefs, however, traditional medicine has proven to be quite effective in treating both chronic diseases and psychological problems, especially those associated with stress, which frequently stem from social alienation, anxiety or loss of self-esteem. Examples of diseases influenced by stress are certain types of ulcers, skin problems and bronchial disorders.

Traditional medicine is not only effective in treating psychosomatic illnesses, however. Many practitioners of traditional medicine have a solid knowledge of herbs and of their effects in healing organically based illness as well. Rather than perpetuate what is probably a meaningless distinction between psychosomatically based illnesses and organically based diseases, it is probably more useful to emphasize that most traditional healers utilize a holistic approach which deals with a wide variety of problems on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Holistic treatment emphasizes disease prevention and positive changes in lifestyle to ensure a balance among these three aspects of life.

Traditional medicine is usually community based. Healers are selected by a community process that emphasizes personal qualities, and they frequently have to pass various tests. Because they are from the community, traditional healers usually know their patients personally, and are well acquainted with their backgrounds, lifestyles and cultural beliefs. Another benefit of traditional medicine is that it is decentralized: it is easily and quickly available to individuals for whom traveling to urban centers for treatment is inconvenient, time-consuming and costly.


No trecho do 3.º parágrafo – they frequently have to pass various tests –, a expressão em destaque expressa

  1. possibilidade
  2. necessidade
  3. habilidade
  4. escolha
  5. permissão

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